Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Prove All The Haters Wrong."?

"I'm doing it to prove all the haters wrong." Why?

Why would you pour blood, sweat and tears into the very people who withhold love from you?
Why would you be motivated to continue to work day in and day out for the people who don't support you or have faith in you or believe in you?

So that we can rub our success in their face?
So that we can "show" them? Even if they don't really care?

Sure, proving them wrong might be a great way to start our journy but it isn't a very encouraging way to stay on our journey. I mean it turns the sweetness of our trek into something quite bitter.

Okay, sure, we all want to "show them" - those who didn't believe - a little bit, no doubt but love is so much more powerful a fuel.

Do it for the people that believe in you. Those who have faith in you. The ones who come out support you with their money, their time and their hearts.

Do it, whatever your "it" is to prove them, to prove you, right.

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