Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I wish you the greatest of Joy and the deepest of Love (the depth of success). ©

Good morning to you!
I want you to know that I wish you the greatest of joy and the deepest of love, which (to me) is the deepest of success. I also want you to know that you are not an a**hole for saying "no." You are not a bad person for standing up for your rights, your space or what you believe in but that isn't a license to continually confront the world. Always remember that thinking of self first is not selfish but thinking of self only is. Never be afraid to take time to focus on self, for without filling our own cup how can we pour out for others? Above all remember hate, anger & pain may seem to propel you at the start of a new journey but know they don't serve you best. Love does. And it endures, gives joy, peace & will never fail. Love makes failure impossible. Without love as your fuel you will not make it to where you desire to be.
I wish you the greatest of joy and the deepest of Love on your adventures.
Mark Sparks
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Woman's Worth. Wasted. ©

The darkest nights
Endured with the wrong friends
Doing the unthinkable
Just trying to be relevant
Time with another one
Who don't deserve the investment
Giving up her best
For a taste of that green blessing
Hoping that it'll materialize
Into material things that'll ease the pain
A feeling born from making
The intimate a familiar thing
And though she ain't dancing on a stage
She may as well be
Cause the way she's treats herself
Has stripped away her self love and dignity
And she don't believe
That she deserves more
So she pretends to be comfortable
With being labeled a whore
She acts cool
With being 'that bitch'
But that creates half a whole
No amount of money can fix
And though she rarely alone
She's always lonely
Cause the 'I love that ass'
Is a love that's so phony
And besides that
They only call when they horny
And with none of 'em
Can she plan her life
Cause most of the dudes she with
Already have wives
So they go once they come
And she's left alone at night
Clinging to her pillow
Knowing something ain't right
And not being able
To stand the sight
Of what not who
She see's in the mirror every night
A woman she remembers
She use to knew
Who dreamed that love came with affection
And not a "G'bye" after each screw
And as she thinks about it more
It twists her up inside
'Til she can no longer hide
All those tears inside
And they stream down her face
One by one like a race...
And I wish she could see
How special she truly is
But even with that full figure
She's really just a kid
And she really needs help
But she can't see that for herself
And she just can't seem to grow
So she stays killing herself slow
Until one day
She decides to hit the gas
No more being 'that chick'
No more trading stuff for ass
So she takes a bottle of pills
And then lays lifeless on the floor
She use to think she had it all
But deep inside she wanted more
She wants to be loved
But she thinks she can't find it on earth
So her light is wasted
Snuffed out
Cause she never knew her worth
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mark Sparks. Acapella. © (Music Video Clip)

This is what happens when a writer (who enjoys singing) is asked to pen a song for a singer who enjoys being late to our studio sessions.
Thank you for pressing play and listening.
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