Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank You, from me to You.

Good afternoon to You! Or good morning depending on where You are.
I first want to say a quick thank You for reading It has been a few years and I am proud to say that I have been blessed to share my thoughts via poems, short stories and random ramblings with You - and in turn have many of You write me to share Your thoughts, poems and stories with me.

Many of You who read this follow me on instagram (MarkSparksWrites), twitter (@MarkSparksinc) and on facebook and share even more of Your daily inspiration & lessons and there. Thank You.

This year has been an incredible one for me with many triumphs and some very pain filled moments. No different from You I am sure. The one thing that I am really learning as the year goes on is the power of three words, "let it go." There are so many things that are outside of our control that we hold on to as if we have control over them. We often learn the hard way that we do not. Things like the weather, how other people will act or react and our health - none of it is really within our control. Sure we can guide some things towards an outcome we desire - like our health - but we don't control the outcome. For instance, many a healthy person have woken up and been suddenly not so healthy.

No, this isn't an opus to stop working at being Your best but more a reminder that after You have done all You can to get to where You desire to be all that is left at that moment is to just let go. The result will be what it is. The outcome will be what it is. Once we have planned and executed that plan all we can do is let it go. This is the only way to really deal with the world. This is the only way we can ever truly find joy as we travel the long road of life, seeking to enjoy our walk and achieve our dreams.

I wish You joy, and passion on Your journey.

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