Friday, February 26, 2016

Active Doesn't Make Us Productive. Purpose Does.

Activity and productivity are not the same thing. For example, many folks have gym memberships and go to the gym on a regular basis - activity - but few people actually make the progress they desire from their workouts.

What separates the two people? Purpose. With a definite purpose we can focus our energy on the things that move us towards that purpose while ridding ourselves of the superfluous, which steal away our time and energy while providing little or no progress.

What is your purpose? Again, let's use the gym example - why do you go to the gym? When coming up with this answer be specific, think big and ahve a reason why this purpose is important to you. If there is no excitement from the thought of working towards and achieving your purpose, you will be hard pressed to find the passion needed to fulfill it.

This weekend, challenge yourself to spend some time thinking about and writing down your purpose - for your workouts, your business, your relationships, you life! After all, what good is to be busy working towards nothing?

Find purpose, be productive.

Happy Friday Y'all,
Mark Sparks

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Self Love And It's Conditional Rationing.

Working out works best when our fuel is self love, not self hate.

If you haven't watched the Ronda Rousey interview on The Ellen Show, here is a link to a quick clip and a great reminder for us all (click here), thanks Ms. Rousey.

Have you ever found yourself, during the highs of celebrating a goal reached, feeling great about who you are? Have you found yourself, during the lows that come with defeat or loss, feeling like you are nothing? That's the danger of accomplishment based conditional love - it never lasts. And, I'd dare to say that it isn't even real.

It is so very dangerous for us to become our accomplishments.

We are not the sum of the things we achieve but of what we habitually do, particularly when no one is watching.We all lose at some point but being a loser is something entirely different than losing. Losing is inevitable but being a loser is a choice.
Too often we, myself so very included, judge ourselves on our results rather than our character. "Do I have a sixpack yet?" "Did I land that movie role yet?" "Have I reached my goal weight?" We say we are "good enough" when we achieve something and "we suck" when we don't.
The problem with accolade based self love is that when it comes, it is temporary and it can never be sustained. Too often I have people write me or approach me for coaching and physical training because they hate their bodies and think that changing their shape will make them love themselves. It never does.

We must find a purpose, passion and love that cannot be affected by external factors we don't control.
Do your best. Give your all. But most importantly, love who you are as you work towards whatever goal you have.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Be Kind - to Others and to Yourself.

As we grow up we're taught to be kind to others yet the emphasis to be kind to ourselves is rarely made.

We call ourselves names, we hold ourselves to impossible deadlines, we don't cheer for ourselves or believe in ourselves, we are not honest with ourselves and sometimes we even tell ourselves we are stupid for going after our biggest dreams. Is it any wonder that we fail time and time again? Or worse become too scared to take any steps in a new forward direction towards what we desire and deserve?

This week, I urge you to treat yourself as you would someone you deeply care about. This isn't a call to be dishonest to you about you but rather to look at yourself through honest eyes and recognize the miracle that you are and all the amazing things that you, with faith and habitual work, are capable of achieving.

Learn to like yourself en route to learning to love yourself all over again.
How? Well that's up to you, but find many ways to show yourself.

Be kind to others, but remember to also be kind to yourself.
Happy Monday Y'all!

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