Monday, November 29, 2010

Poem - Sleep Walking

I walk while I should be asleep
I figure if my mind don't rest then why should my feet?
I sleep walk cause my path isn't made for me
And when you think I'm sleeping I'm working hard you see.
I believe
That is how I am able to achieve
Something greater than what was first given to me.
No father, but that's okay
I was given a Spark
And the ability from God
To hit my Mark
And it's been dark
In my life on a few occasions
No, I'm not complaining - I'm only saying.
I've been on my knee's doubled over in pain praying
Wondering if the moment was it
If the words I'd heard were true - Mark you ain't Shi...

I refused to believe that mess.
And now my pressure is a different stress
But I digress
I repeat I walk while I should be asleep
I figure if my mind don't rest then why should my feet?
To bed at four am up at 6
I wish
Sometimes it wasn't so
But when I go
I will know.
I stretched every once out of what God has given me
So until I'm gone I choose to BE.
So I repeat I walk while I should be asleep
I figure if my mind don't rest then why should my feet?

Stop Dreaming. Literally.

Okay, so maybe I meant Stop JUST Dreaming. As in wake up and make it happen!
You know many people will say they want something but take no actions to get it. Fewer people will take action without passion, without a definite purpose and kind of give some energy towards a goal only to be able to say "Ah well, I tried."
The fact remains that few people in this world are as happy as they want to be or in the shape physically, mentally, spiritually or financially that they want to be. In a time where we can get our hands on information, techniques and strategy's to help us do everything from build a shelf to cooking any dish you can imagine we spend more time dreaming of all the things we'd like in our lives instead of creating a plan, rekindling our passion and persevering. This is the definition of faith - to believe in something, work at something, push for something like it must happen. Faith is shown in action not in words. How much faith have you shown in attaining what it is you truly desire?

Tonight, before you go to sleep - think about just one thing that you want to create in your life. Anything. Then think about it as being certain to appear in your life. Really see it happening. Note how that feels. Enjoy how that feels. Next, keep that thought and emotion within your mind until you fall asleep. When you wake up go through the same process again, except this time give thanks to the Universe and your Creator for the blessing of that thing coming into your life. Then write down (not think) both what that thing is and 10 ways you can start towards it (knowing that it is certain to happen).
That's part one of the exercise. If you'd like to continue please email me. I'd love to be a part of your journey!

Now as your reading this know that this is how I have managed to continually receive many of the blessings in my life. I've been blessed to work all over the world speaking, modeling, acting and just being. And every thing that I've made a must I've made a reality.
So stop dreaming. Literally. Wake up and go get what you demand from your life.

Just a thought.