Monday, February 11, 2013

Time: Right & Wrong. ©

To acknowledge the 'right' thing at the 'wrong' time hurts almost as much as the 'wrong' thing at the 'right' time.
In the latter, we take comfort in the fact that even though we were ready for a thing (i.e. our 'right' time) that thing which we were/are seeking & thought we found wasn't at all what, or all of what we truly desired (i.e. the 'wrong' thing). It stings to come to this end, without any doubt, but to recognize that what You want is what You have, while also recognizing that what You want You are not yet ready to have for whatever reason (i.e. the 'wrong' time) hurts so much more. The 'right' thing at the 'wrong' time. Damn.
This maturing process, as painful as it always is, is necessary for us to awaken to our highest potential - to love at our deepest & to give love from that state in what we do as it radiates from who we are.
Alas, we can take some comfort in going through the 'right' thing at the 'wrong' time knowing this - when the time is truly right so too will be the thing, so the 'wrong' thing - though a great teacher - is always right on time.
But then, I'm wrong plenty of the time.
Enjoy Your journey. And Your times.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Do for Love": Ridding emotional conflict.©

Confusion, emotional conflict, exists not when our hearts & heads conflict for it's not logic & love that can't coexist but instead our fear & pain that cause this emotional conflict. When we desire a thing our fear of what we need to give up to attain that can be strong - sometimes seemingly stronger than our desire. The vulnerability needed scares us, especially when the desired is unknown. Fear leads us to stay the same, even if it isn't what we desire because we are pacified by the fact that where we are we know & where we desire we do not. Therefore the only way to lead life filled with the joyous & courageous pursuit is to live with love & never for a result. Pain inevitably will find us no doubt but it will never paralyze us if we pursue love & not merely a result. 
"I do not for a result. I do only from Love. I do for Love." 
As we affirm this we allow ourselves the freedom & strength to pursue our passion, our love & our wildest, joyous dreams.
Enjoy Your pursuit, I wish You the greatest of luck.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Muhammad Ali a.k.a Cassius Clay; My Teacher For Today.

In Rome in the summer of 1960, a Young Man would win convincingly with a style that was "all wrong".
"A boxer who uses his legs as much as (He) used his in Rome risks deceleration in a longer bout."
"(He) had a skittering style, like a pebble scaled over water." "He was good to watch, but he seemed to make only glancing contact." Said 'experts' & sportswriters, even after the gold medal bout where his opponent, Zbigniew, was left bloody & "out on his feet."
"Big men were supposed to wade in & flatten their opponents," & "while amusing to watch, (He) lacked the requisite menace of a true big man."
These words, like the critics of His past & future didn't stop Him from waking at 4 or 5am as a teen to run before training. Or stop Him from spending countless hours on mastering his craft en route to fulfilling his dream. He made up his mind and that was that, nothing would stop him from being great - "The greatest in the world" in fact.
My lesson of the day? If I want it bad enough, I'll work hard enough, smart enough & faithfully enough and nothing any critic can say can ever stop me. Failure is only an option if it is the one I choose. Thanks Cassius Clay a.k.a Muhammad Ali for my lesson today.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love At First Sight © (With "I Belong To You" Acapella Video)

Countless women at the club
You wonder if I even notice You
Truth be told
I don't see anyone else
I'd hurdle any obstacle to get to You
In fact
I do
And You
Wonderful You
I wish to get to know
Showing You
In to me
Into my soul
Which has been so cold
For so long
To be
Reunited with You
It's why
I surmise
That nothing else would do
Or will do
And why
No other can do
What You
Created inside my hearts lonely darkness
And I bear witness
To the thought that
Love at first sight exists
And if I've ever
Known anything to be true
It's my Love for You
And my life's longing
To belong
To You...

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