Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love At First Sight © (With "I Belong To You" Acapella Video)

Countless women at the club
You wonder if I even notice You
Truth be told
I don't see anyone else
I'd hurdle any obstacle to get to You
In fact
I do
And You
Wonderful You
I wish to get to know
Showing You
In to me
Into my soul
Which has been so cold
For so long
To be
Reunited with You
It's why
I surmise
That nothing else would do
Or will do
And why
No other can do
What You
Created inside my hearts lonely darkness
And I bear witness
To the thought that
Love at first sight exists
And if I've ever
Known anything to be true
It's my Love for You
And my life's longing
To belong
To You...

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