Friday, January 25, 2013

School doesn't educate, It Teaches Obedience. ©

School doesn't educate, it teaches obedience. 
It doesn't mean school is unimportant, 
it just means we must seek to educate ourselves. 

School has many commendable qualities, discipline being one of them. But many lessons we need to learn are missed if we only rely on school to teach.
Think about it - many of the life lessons that we must learn aren't in the curriculum. Taxes, credit card interest and money management. Estate planning, preparing for the death of parents and loved ones, marriage, dating and love in general among other fundamentals. These are things that we are not taught, well unless we are blessed with some exceptional teachers (and I can say that I most certainly was). School is a system working for a system. It mostly prepares us to show up, sit down, fall in line and follow without question. This isn't an absolute but it is the normal. School has great importance, and that importance serves us well after all if we never learn how to hold our tongue from time to time or to simple follow instructions then society would be cast into chaos, I get that. All I'm saying is that if we expect school alone to educate us on key life fundamentals then we will always be missing education in some key life fundamentals. Good luck on Your journey & happy hunting!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beating Fear's Power Of Paralysis. Maybe. ©

“Fear comes from uncertainty. When we are absolutely certain,
whether of our worth or worthlessness, we are almost impervious to fear.”
       -William Congreve

“It’s very simple. This is what I believe & I’m willing to die for it.
I know who I am, I know what I believe & that’s all I need to know.”
-Will Smith
It’s true isn’t it that we fear most what we don’t know. There have been studies done where more folks would rather hear “you have cancer” than wait for the results. Fear of the unknown. It’s the reason we fear taking risks, whether that is asking a person on a date or starting our own company. Fear becomes the reason that we generally do not progress as we desire. Sure fear has many manifestations but don’t be fooled, most things boil down to fear:
“I don’t want to ask her out” - fear of being hurt.
“I don’t want to be vulnerable” - fear of not being loved.
“I don’t want to speak up about my idea” - fear of being made fun of.
“I don’t want to express my originality” - fear of not fitting in.
“I’ll settle for whatever I can get” - fear of being alone.
“I could never achieve that” - fear of success.
Fear. And all because we don’t know what lies on the other side of our efforts. So the key is a simple one, though hardly considered easy. The key to beating fear is two fold. First we must become comfortable in not knowing, as in “I don’t know what is going to happen, I don’t know what the outcome will be but I am okay with that because regardless of what happens it will not effect my own view of my self or my self worth.” Like Will Smith said, “It’s very simple. This is what I believe & I’m willing to die for it. I know who I am, I know what I believe and that’s all I need to know.”
Next, as each case of fear comes up we must deal with them head on knowing that we are certain of our self and self worth. When we do our inner work – that is to explore & become aware of our own beliefs and to fully realize how unique and wonderful we each are - fear looses its power of paralysis. Sure we’ll never be without fear nor is all fear a bad thing but when we gain the ability to make decisions and take action as we choose and not as fear chooses we take back the power that is rightfully ours. The power to feel and do as we choose, to decide our destiny as we see fit.
Or something like that, I’m not sure. But I’m okay with that.

I wish You the greatest blessings and deepest Love on Your Journey.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One thing that is certain... ©

Life happens. Or to be more exact, things that we do not plan en route to executing our plan happen. It's a fact. Plan for it. Expect it. Be determined enough not to let it be an excuse and just figure a way to get it done. We always feel best when we do.
I'm not by any stretch saying to forgo compassion or that We will never have to recalibrate & reassess or even rewrite our plans but when we are not the sole deciders of whether we decide to quit* we relinquish some of our power to create our own lives, our ability to discover & uncover a part of our purpose. And believe that we have an amazing amount of power to create our own reality. Think about it - whenever You've set Your mind to a thing it comes to pass. Whether good or bad when You focus on something You begin to see it more - whether that car You never noticed on the roads until You bought won or a friend brought the vehicle's merit to Your attention or a job You desired so. You see what happens when we desire something with ferocity we begin to put our energy towards attaining it. And this happens either in service of us or disservice - we choose for we are the authors. Sure life offers many intersections and forks in the road along our journey as we write our lives but we are authors. We must choose our own path, our own way and our own ending of each chapter. Or 'life' (the general flow of whatever direction the general flow is already going) decides for us. And that rarely gets us to where we truly desire to be. To get where we want, to attain goals we've got to swim upstream. That takes passion, preparation and perseverance. It is very simple but it is rarely easy. Passion fuels us, preparation is our plan and perseverance is the ability we each already have to endure and even enjoy as we work, fight, swim and crawl our way to get "it" done. Whatever "it" is.
I wish You the greatest success in reaching each goal but more in enjoying and transforming as You enjoy the journey.

*quit - We never really decide to "quit". If we choose another path, from a place outside of fear we don't quit, we simply wrote another plan. To quit is to give up on that we still truly desire.