Monday, November 21, 2011

Poem - Her Through you ©

you want me to love you
Without you loving you
Without you giving me
What I need to be loved
You keep pushing me away
To pull me back
To push me away again
Like a fucking coaster
But that’s not how I roll
That’s not how I want this thing to go
I’m all for letting go of control
But I’m not about to loose control
To loose my hold
On reality
On me
So I’ll give you what you want
Just gimme a minute to right my mind
Cause in my head
I’ve already left
Right that’s it
I’ve marched towards the door
But I’m still here
For a reason I can’t quite comprehend
With logic so instead
I’ll just let it go
And stay right here
But don’t ask me to open my eyes
Let me keep them closed
Cause I still picture the You I first met
That’s the You who’s clothes
I’ll tear off
And lay beside
My minds eye
When I lay by your side
While I slide
Me into you
I’ll be making love to Her through you
Physically it’s your body I’ll screw
But it’s her spirit who
Turns me on
Makes me come
Who makes me stay.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Love Is Cursed By Monogamy"...

For much of my adulthood I've been somewhat of a nomad - traveling here and their in pursuit of my dream which is destined to me. On my journey I've been fortunate to meet many people who have added to my life and blessed to have my light spill into the path of others.
Recently I read something from an exceptional young man. His words "Love is cursed by monogamy."
This statement began me thinking. Is this the reason that many cannot remain faithful to one person? The reason why a company such as Ashley Madison can not only exist but flourish. Is love truly cursed by monogamy?
I mean stats go on to say that half of marriages that begin will end, and that many of the half that don't end isn't due to anything more than obligation (familial or financial most often). Hmmm... Love, cursed by monogamy huh?

When we think about biology - we are one of the only species who "mate for life" or at least are expected to. I mean most other species have a very specific purpose - to continue the species. So, monogamy goes out the window because the male of the species particularly is supposed to spread his genetic code as far as possible. So maybe love is cursed by the binding gates of monogamy.

That is, if you are being monogamous out of obligation and not any reasons deeper. What do I mean?
Sure, there is always a time on any journey where we do things strictly out of obligation to our duties and our word. But if we are to live life in obligation, doesn't that obligation become a curse?

And that's when I came to the explanation to my immediate reply to the words "Love is cursed by monogamy." My view?

"Monogamy is a curse without love."

Just like anything else, if we don't have a purpose that is greaeter than any 'challenge' (ie monogamy - c'mon let's be real, it is a challenge) we are not going to rise to the occasion, so to speak.

Monogamy must come from love. From a desire to be with one person, just that person and no other person. Monogamy must flow from within, from a place of "I don't even want to" instead of "I want to but I won't."
It's like discipline that comes from love & discipline that comes from fear. Sure they both work but one has a much shorter shelf life (don't believe me? Read up on the cause of some of these dictatorship topplings).

So not only is it possible but very probable to be monogamous and not feel the plight of 'the curse' of love.
Monogamy is a curse without love, but it is a blessing with it.
At least that's what I know...

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Friday, November 11, 2011

How Bad Do You Want It? ©

How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?
Are you willing…
to give stuff up?
To not give up?
To fight?
To run?
To climb?
To fall... and GET BACK UP?

Are you willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable?
To going to bed late and waking up early?
To skipping meals, parties, hang outs, movies but NOT SKIPPING TRAINING & PREPARATION?
Are you willing to hone your craft?
Own your emotions?
Not let setbacks set you back?
Not let victories slow you down?

Are you willing to go to the edge, look over and JUMP?
Are you willing to give of everything you are to gain what you desire?
To let go of past defeats to make present victories possible?
To make future wins probable?
Are you willing to endure ridicule, alienation, and loneliness if you have to?
Are you willing to DISCIPLINE yourself?
To reward yourself with more training just cause you want to?
To make it a HABIT to make good habits?

Will you do it for free?
Will you do it with joy?
Will you do it and do it and do it until YOU say you’re done?
Until you arrive where YOU DECIDE is the arrival point?
Are you willing to DO MORE than most to get what most say they want?
Are you willing to let your words speak and your ACTIONS SCREAM?!

How bad do you want it?

Don't tell me. Show You.
Don’t say it. SHOW IT. Do it.©


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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Confusion" Amidst "The Truth".

Someone recently said to me that the truth confuses them. Confused by this, I asked them to explain.

"Well, it seems like when the truth as other people see it is told to me I have conflicting views of it and feelings toward the so called truth teller."

"Ah." I replied. "So it isn't the truth that confuses you but instead the truth not conforming to your ego & it's preconceived truth that causes confusion."

"Huh?" they replied.

"When we ask a question as adults, we generally already have an answer in mind. We know what we want and simply ask questions to affirm our preconceived answer. Most holy books call us to have the heart of a child for this reason. You ever watch a child ask a question? They don't ask simply to confirm what they already, or in many adult cases think they already, know but instead they ask the question to get a genuine answer - to discover the truth. That's why they ask the same question again and again, because they haven't yet created their own answers to a question - even if the question was answered just a short time ago, whether five seconds or five minutes.
So if we, like children, ask a question and are open to the answer then the truth cannot confuse us but only set us free. For the truth has no shades when delivered. It has no ulterior motive. It has no upper hand to gain. It only has itself to reveal, but only when we are ready to hear it. The most amazing thing to me is that almost all of the time we already know the truth, our problem becomes quieting the noise which drowns out the truth, silencing the chatter which confuses us and directs our attention away from the truth. Does that make any sense?"

"Ummm, yeah actually. In a weird way it does. By the way you aren't normal, you know that?"

"I know," I replied. "And truthfully, I'd have it no other way."



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Monday, November 7, 2011

In Another Life. ©

In another life
I would've done anything to make you stay
In another life
I'd do anything for another day
In another life
I'd make sure your every wish came true
But this isn't another life
And I'm not in this life with you.

In another time
I'd move a mountain to see you smile
In another time
I'd give all I have
To make you stay a while
In another time
I'd give up my life for us it's true
But this isn't another time
And I'm not in this life with you

When "if"
And "but"
Became "won't"
And "not"
When "I'm sorry"
Became "I'm sorry again"
When actions spoke volumes
Louder than words
And they screamed to me the truth
That you lied when you said
When you said...

In another time
My heart belonged to no one but you
In another life
I'd do whatever you needed me to
In another life
We ended happily
But this isn't another life
So this time I'm living for me.



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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Poem - The Offer. ©

I Said "I've Got A Lady"
She Said "So?!"
I Said "I Love Her, So You Can Leave"
And She Said "No."
I Said "Here's A Photo Of Us 3"
She said "Oh."
I Smiled
And She Finally Realize She Had To Go...

I though I'd be sitting all alone
Then she decided to take a seat
"My name is blah blah blah blah blah
And you it is my pleasure to meet."
"Umm, thank you" I said with a half smile
Feeling where this was gonna lead
"I've actually got a lot to do
I've got this script I've got to read."
"Oh, your an actor
That makes sense cause
I knew I've seen you before
But forget about tv & magazines
I would like to see more"
"I'm flattered Madame, I truly am
But there's something you need to know
I've got a lady & I've found my soul mate
So there's no place for this to go."
"But I'm only in town
Like 4 times a year..."
"Umm, okay, let me be more clear.
No way in hell am I cheating
You and me ain't gonna be
Again I've been blessed with a gem
Even a blind man could see."
"Sigh, I can't believe you're saying no
You're bent on this 'I'ma be faithful' kick,
Well understand I don't want to take your 'Queens' place
I just want to feel her dick."
"Alright Ms. I didn't get your name
Nor do I particularly care
Our pleasant conversation is done now
So would you kindly leave that chair."
"Pfftt, your loss" She said as she left
"But I'll see you again one day.
Oh, and for the record Sir,
You've got one lucky lady."
I smiled and nodded as she left
If only to be polite
But the one thing that I knew more than any
Was that I couldn't wait to see my girl that night.
I got home late, after some drinks
She fell asleep waiting up for me
"My lady is a lucky girl?" I thought
Nah. The lucky one is me.



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