Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Confusion" Amidst "The Truth".

Someone recently said to me that the truth confuses them. Confused by this, I asked them to explain.

"Well, it seems like when the truth as other people see it is told to me I have conflicting views of it and feelings toward the so called truth teller."

"Ah." I replied. "So it isn't the truth that confuses you but instead the truth not conforming to your ego & it's preconceived truth that causes confusion."

"Huh?" they replied.

"When we ask a question as adults, we generally already have an answer in mind. We know what we want and simply ask questions to affirm our preconceived answer. Most holy books call us to have the heart of a child for this reason. You ever watch a child ask a question? They don't ask simply to confirm what they already, or in many adult cases think they already, know but instead they ask the question to get a genuine answer - to discover the truth. That's why they ask the same question again and again, because they haven't yet created their own answers to a question - even if the question was answered just a short time ago, whether five seconds or five minutes.
So if we, like children, ask a question and are open to the answer then the truth cannot confuse us but only set us free. For the truth has no shades when delivered. It has no ulterior motive. It has no upper hand to gain. It only has itself to reveal, but only when we are ready to hear it. The most amazing thing to me is that almost all of the time we already know the truth, our problem becomes quieting the noise which drowns out the truth, silencing the chatter which confuses us and directs our attention away from the truth. Does that make any sense?"

"Ummm, yeah actually. In a weird way it does. By the way you aren't normal, you know that?"

"I know," I replied. "And truthfully, I'd have it no other way."



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