Thursday, November 3, 2011

Poem - The Offer. ©

I Said "I've Got A Lady"
She Said "So?!"
I Said "I Love Her, So You Can Leave"
And She Said "No."
I Said "Here's A Photo Of Us 3"
She said "Oh."
I Smiled
And She Finally Realize She Had To Go...

I though I'd be sitting all alone
Then she decided to take a seat
"My name is blah blah blah blah blah
And you it is my pleasure to meet."
"Umm, thank you" I said with a half smile
Feeling where this was gonna lead
"I've actually got a lot to do
I've got this script I've got to read."
"Oh, your an actor
That makes sense cause
I knew I've seen you before
But forget about tv & magazines
I would like to see more"
"I'm flattered Madame, I truly am
But there's something you need to know
I've got a lady & I've found my soul mate
So there's no place for this to go."
"But I'm only in town
Like 4 times a year..."
"Umm, okay, let me be more clear.
No way in hell am I cheating
You and me ain't gonna be
Again I've been blessed with a gem
Even a blind man could see."
"Sigh, I can't believe you're saying no
You're bent on this 'I'ma be faithful' kick,
Well understand I don't want to take your 'Queens' place
I just want to feel her dick."
"Alright Ms. I didn't get your name
Nor do I particularly care
Our pleasant conversation is done now
So would you kindly leave that chair."
"Pfftt, your loss" She said as she left
"But I'll see you again one day.
Oh, and for the record Sir,
You've got one lucky lady."
I smiled and nodded as she left
If only to be polite
But the one thing that I knew more than any
Was that I couldn't wait to see my girl that night.
I got home late, after some drinks
She fell asleep waiting up for me
"My lady is a lucky girl?" I thought
Nah. The lucky one is me.



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