Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Not Okay...

It's Not Okay...
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Over the last little while I've been talking to women about their day to day dating experiences and being approached by men and some startling things continued to come to light.
Many of the women I've spoken to can recount stories of men approaching them and them turning down the offer - pretty normal interaction. Where it got concerning was the amount of times that women shared that men would not take "no" as an answer.

Ladies shared stories of having to walk faster and further than they were going to lose a tailing man or having to find safety by entering a store to wait out a man who was following them "just to talk."
They shared stories of being called "bitch" and other names because they didn't want to give a man their number or continue that interaction.

It's not okay.

I don't know what is more concerning about this behaviour: frequency in which it happens or the fact that many times the man in question is not alone and his 'friends' say nothing about his abhorrent behaviour.

It's not okay.

We as men must become more vigilant about this behaviour, about not participating in this repulsive bullishness and about calling other men around us to a higher standard when we see them doing so, I mean our Sisters, Mothers, Aunts, Cousins, Daughters, Girlfriends and Wives deserve at least that from us right? RIght.

Men, as the weather warms up and the layers begin to come off, let's not be afraid to interact with women but let's create a new standard in expressing appreciation and attraction with respect, sensitivity and kindness remembering that harassment is simply not okay.
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