Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dear Grandma, You are appreciated.

Dear Grandma,
I miss You.
More than any words I could ever write could describe - and I know a few seeing as You 'made' me read both the bible and the dictionary daily as a child. You sacrificed so much and loved so deeply that it burned something onto my soul that I couldn't get rid of even if I tried. It's crazy to me that even in Your death You were able to teach me the value of loving people and the fortune we are gifted each moment we are alive. You supported me as I gave up the security of the workforce and pursued my dream. I told You that I would reach my goals, that You would see my face 20feet high! It happened. After years of working and studying and learning and praying I made it - I landed my first major role in a hollywood production. Then another. And another. And then I landed the movie role. Nothing glamorous but a solid part to learn in, to learn from and to smile about. I wish You could have joined me for the walk on that carpet but You were out stretching Your wings instead.Thank You Lady for believing in me.
I love You. And, Grandma, I miss You.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A quick hello...


I hope this post finds you in good health

and that your pursuit for your greatness is going so well
and that as you read these words that you know
that you are indeed very special.
I hope this note finds you deeply loving you
and abundant in the belief that your dream can come true.
I hope that these words are able to touch your soul
I hope that you are continually breaking the mold.
And as you read this I hope you're as grateful as me
for the eyes you use to read this that allow you to see
for the mind that processes this note that allows you to think
and let me say thank you for reading this link.

Thank you for reading me, for subscribing to this page, for helping to fuel my fire. I pray that I am able to give back to you some of what you, simply by being here, provide to me.

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Thank you. Thanks. Ever thanks.

Mark Sparks