Saturday, December 12, 2015

Perspective & Thank You (The Birthday Edition).

It has been a little while since my last post. Early October if memory serves me well. First let me say thank you for continuing to read these blog posts, thank you for continuing to subscribe to this blog, to helping me reach over 40 000 readers (wow!) and for following my journey on instagram (@sparksconditioning & @marksparkswrites).

As another year passes and I begin a new chapter in the journey of my life, I am grateful as I look back at all the challenges that have made me stronger and the moments that have made me smile, laugh, cry & grow.

Some people view birthdays with dread, some with delight and others with a sort of indifference. Which of the views do you hold?

For me, birthdays have a great significance though outwardly people around me would think otherwise. From a young age I learned that material gifts, though fun, meant little to me and as I got older their value decreased - partly because I could buy my own "toys" and partly because I valued time and effort so much more. Gifts, to me, became a way that I could share with people that they were on my mind and in my thoughts. I viewed gifts I received in the same way. When people got me something that meant much to me because of moments or stories we had shared, I would love the gift. When it was simply a material possession to own however - though thankful, the gift seemed to hold less value. Perspective.

As I get older I realize that people have different perspectives and that birthdays, and gift giving, is seen in different ways by different people as well. As I get older (yes I am enjoying saying that) I realize that perspective has more to do with joy and peace than most any other variable. How I, we, view things gives them meaning. And that meaning creates in us a feeling. And that feeling creates actions and habits.

So, as another chapter in the book of my life begins, I look forward to viewing the world with a perspective that allows me to find peace, to be productive and to continue to passionately chase my dream.

I hope that whatever perspective you choose as you experience life, enhance your level of joy, peace and self defined success.
Mark Sparks

Ps thank you to all of you who sent birthday wishes, letters and notes. I truly appreciate it.

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