Monday, April 24, 2017

Living In The Moment: The Art of searching less & finding more "special" moments.

Often on our journey we miss the beauty of the journey because we simply fail to see it. It becomes easier to stop paying attention as we start our day on our daily walk and interaction with the world but easier doesn't always mean better.

Our lack of awareness leads to many things, including missing all the wonderful moments we are searching for on our pursuit of happiness.

Many ancient practices for centering warriors and peaceful walkers alike focus on focusing in on the moment. Some call it "the zone", others "being locked in". No matter the name You give it know that its ability to multiply Your ability to produce results, peace and happiness are incredible and readily available to You. If, You choose, to create the habit of enjoying each moment. Seek less, find more.

Here's an exercise I've been utilizing over the past few months to help myself build up my habit of being in, and enjoying, a moment.

1. Sit somewhere.
 - I find a comfortable place to sit where I will be uninterrupted by internal or external forces that
need my attention.

2. Close my eyes.
  - Once I've found my spot I close my eyes to tune out the visual distractions around me.

3. Focus on listening.
  - Take in each sound You hear. How many are there? What are they from? Is there one that is particularly enjoyable to You? If so focus on it. Then switch your focus on the joy you feel. I let that good feeling grow about me.

4. Enjoy! 
  - Now, I focus on the joy I feel in that moment.

5. Attitude of Gratitude.
  - Once the moment has passed I give thanks for that moment. Sometimes this brings about another joy filled moment right away or sometimes I've got to sit a while and simply enjoy the moments in between.

6. Open my eyes.

Hope it helps you to remember how special the moments we are blessed with are.
Thank you for reading.
Until next time,

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