Saturday, September 17, 2011

Poem - My Worst Fear (A Man's Eye View)©

I don't often write an introduction to my poems but I feel this one warrants one. Often in various media outlets and places where people gather to conversate we hear ofrelationships gone bad because of a cheating man. Rarely do we talk about the other side of the coin, rarely do we talk about the times when the man is faithful... Just saying.

My worst fear
Is that we'd end up here
I mean our relating ship
Ain't sailing no where
Don't ask 'bout your day
Cause I don't even care
Truth be told
It's cause I don't think you care
Cause when I ask you to share
You gimme this blank stare
And the same answers all the time
"Nothing happened today
What's wrong with me?
Nothing I'm fine"
So I sit back
And continue to listen to you whine
And I don't say a word
As you pick up the phone
And make plans to dine
With a friend
From way back when
Some dude you been hanging with
You say since you were like 10
Logic say don't believe you
But I don't wanna do that math
My gut says ask more questions
But what choice do I have
Cause you tell me he's just a friend
But I'm your husband
But that band
On your finger
Isn't visible anymore
You say you took it off
To go down to the store
And it's by the sink
And "why I got to wear it for?"
So I just sit back
For the sake of the kids
I just continue to love
And hope to keep the peace where we live
But something's got to give
Something has to break
I mean I wake
In the middle of the night to hear
You on the phone giggling
So I go back to bed and wipe away the tears
My worst fear
Has become my reality
I just confirmed
My wife was cheating on me...



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