Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome to the door of the sacred place...

Welcome to the door of the sacred place where Your existence alone is the key.
Welcome, to another day which frames itself as the hallway to this sacred place. The place where truth unravels the fear of paralysis and faith inflates the ballon of Love which will take You high, revealing the minuteness of the mountains in which You fear to climb. Dive deep into the depths of Your soul, knowing that You are perfect and that when You choose to be You are loose from all that tethers You to the limitations imposed upon Your existence by society, by You.
Welcome to the sacred place, Your birthright, Your destined dwelling.
Enter with joy, with Love and with faith but most important enter.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Your Sign to Be Great (because You already are).

And If You've been waiting for a sign, then this is for You:

All the permission You need to be great, the talent, the ability to be great is already within Your reach because it's already within You (in case Your sign wasn't enough :-). Be great, not only because You can but because You already are. Be great because You've been gifted Your unique greatness to present to the world, and we are eagerly awaiting Your shine. Get to digging! Uncover Your greatness! Be great.
Happy treasure hunting. May the journey bring much joy & stunning revelations.

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