Friday, August 24, 2012

"With a heart ready for prolonged battle she..." © (#LearningToLove)

"with a heart ready for prolonged battle she raised her head & lowered her guard. She knew that in him she had met her match. She knew that within his heart dwelled the real estate in which she yearned to live forever.
The moment his eyes met hers it lit something within his soul. Something primal, something extraordinary, something new. She was beautiful, he thought, but he'd tasted all sorts of beauty before. This was past carnal,  something greater. A seed planted in the earth of the garden of his very being. He walked over to her with a single intention, whether he consciously knew it in that moment or not, he walked over to unite himself with her. Forever.
"Hello." He said with a simplicity that shocked him.
Before she responded she closed her eyes & took a deep breath, allowing his scent to gently stroke her insides. She imagined his hands, his lips  tracing every goose bump on her body connecting them one by one with an invisible cord likened to the one drawing them together. She opened her eyes a moment later, which to her was an eternity, wet her lips and smiled a warmth in his direction that could not be mistaken, "Hello."...

Learning To Love.©

Coming soon.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

"You Can't Hurry Love"... Or A little of the little I've learned 'bout Love. ©

At the end of any relationship we're left with two questions, though we get so stuck on one that we often forget the other.
                                          1. Why did it not work?
                                          2. What did I learn
(about myself, my needs, my boundaries etc...)?

Once upon a time I fell in love with a woman. So much so that I asked her to marry me. Despite things my friends, family & sober self would call "red flags" I pursued her & her heart anyways. Love is blind.
Through good times & bad I was faithful, open & vulnerable. At least to the fullest extent in which I was capable at the time.
Fast forward to now. Happy, healthy, loving my life, pursuing my dreams and single.
So what did I learn?
I learned about what I'm willing to accept and what I'm never willing to tolerate.
I learned that I'm pretty complex in a simple way and that sometimes my simple ways aren't so to those outside my Elk.
I learned what is important to me in showing me 'Love' and one of those things is my partners ability to articulate the same. I learned that I enjoy eating grilled cheese sandwiches in little chairs that are waaaay to small for me. I've also learned that sometimes walking away is the only option we have - even when we do still care.
And most I've learned that Phil Collins/The Supreme's were right and that "You Can't Hurry Love."
Honestly, you can't. "No, You just have to wait," I mean "Love don't come easy, it's a game of give and take."
Movies fool us. Love is not like the movies. Thankfully cause most don't last past 2 hours.
I also learned falling in love is the easiest part cause new love is exciting and fresh and takes little work ('cept when we wooorking, youknowwhatI'msayin'?!) but love, Real Love (sing it Mary) takes time. Even though I really Love her, Real love you just can't hurry.
With wide open eyes and a wide open heart that's what I've been blessed to learn.
We'll see how long that lasts...

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Poem - No Ship. ©

Before the capsize
That floating isn't my style
No ship
I was born to fly...
I'm back.
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