Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Everything Is Not Possible. Anything Is.

Whatever it is that we hope to achieve, however grand it may be takes the same amount of focus. If the task is small, or the dream is minute then the amount of focus necessary is just that. But when we take on larger tasks, when we begin our journey towards big goals, big dreams they require big energy and big focus. The bigger the goal, the more focus it takes. And when we apply ourselves wholeheartedly to achieving something, well, anything is possible. But just not everything. Not at that time at least. Not until that one thing is achieved.

Our energy is not infinite. Like a stream of light our power is determined by our source and our focus. Take the sun, the Ultimate source of (physical) light. We can walk around in it and feel its warmth on a sunny day. Take that same sunlight and focus it through a magnifying glass and within seconds You can start a fire. The power of focus.

We are tapped into the greatest source of energy possible. And our ability to focus that energy is far superior to a magnifying glass and its ability to harness the energy of the sun. Imagine what is possible for us if we simply decide to utilize our God given ability? Wow.

Don't believe anyone who tells You that Your dreams are unattainable, that there is anything You cannot do. Everything is not possible but with the right plan, preparation and humble yet persistent execution anything is possible. Anything.
I wish You the greatest on Your journey & in writing Your next chapter.