Monday, June 13, 2011

Poem - Ode To A Cigarette Smoker

Dear Cigarette smoker blowing smoke in my direction,
Please put it out
When I'm about
Or at least stand down wind
So I don't have to breath it in
Your habit stinks
So I have decided I think
To let you know
Where to go
When you decide to light up by me.
I don't enjoy your smoke
Flowing into my face
And at 6'4"
It seems my face is in the place
Where your misdirected puffs seem to go
When out your mouth you blow
And perhaps you don't know
This is why I'm telling you
So the next time you blow in my face
I will, with great haste
And of course with great love
Give you a gentle verbal shove
And I hope this will do
Cause I'd hate to have to
Snatch that cancer stick from your hands
Whether you are woman or man
So it is to you I write this to
Smokers, not all but you know who
That us non cigarette smoking bunch
Have had quite enough
So please give us our space
And don't blow smoke in our face
And we'll hold our end of the bargain too
By not telling you what to do
And in this mutual respect
Where we choose life & you death
We will happily co-exists
Verily, I tell you this
Many thanks & best wishes I send your way
And hope you have a nice day.

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