Saturday, December 12, 2015

Perspective & Thank You (The Birthday Edition).

It has been a little while since my last post. Early October if memory serves me well. First let me say thank you for continuing to read these blog posts, thank you for continuing to subscribe to this blog, to helping me reach over 40 000 readers (wow!) and for following my journey on instagram (@sparksconditioning & @marksparkswrites).

As another year passes and I begin a new chapter in the journey of my life, I am grateful as I look back at all the challenges that have made me stronger and the moments that have made me smile, laugh, cry & grow.

Some people view birthdays with dread, some with delight and others with a sort of indifference. Which of the views do you hold?

For me, birthdays have a great significance though outwardly people around me would think otherwise. From a young age I learned that material gifts, though fun, meant little to me and as I got older their value decreased - partly because I could buy my own "toys" and partly because I valued time and effort so much more. Gifts, to me, became a way that I could share with people that they were on my mind and in my thoughts. I viewed gifts I received in the same way. When people got me something that meant much to me because of moments or stories we had shared, I would love the gift. When it was simply a material possession to own however - though thankful, the gift seemed to hold less value. Perspective.

As I get older I realize that people have different perspectives and that birthdays, and gift giving, is seen in different ways by different people as well. As I get older (yes I am enjoying saying that) I realize that perspective has more to do with joy and peace than most any other variable. How I, we, view things gives them meaning. And that meaning creates in us a feeling. And that feeling creates actions and habits.

So, as another chapter in the book of my life begins, I look forward to viewing the world with a perspective that allows me to find peace, to be productive and to continue to passionately chase my dream.

I hope that whatever perspective you choose as you experience life, enhance your level of joy, peace and self defined success.
Mark Sparks

Ps thank you to all of you who sent birthday wishes, letters and notes. I truly appreciate it.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our lives are our message to the world.

Our lives, and the way we choose to live each day is our message to the world.
It is our chance to share what we truly believe inside ourselves.
Today, what is your message going to be?

Each day we build upon, what will one day be our legacy.
Today, how will you build your legacy?

Each day, the interactions that we have, the relationships we foster and the light we share create who we are to others, what we are known for and what we will be remembered for.

Today, what memory are you building?
When we pass onto the next life, when our time - our short time - on earth is comes to an end all that will be left with others is what we have left with others. Heck, when we physically leave someone's life as our paths on earth head in different directions, all that will remain is what we have built with them, what we have given them of ourselves.
Today, what will you give?

Life is joy filled and peaceful when we decide to commit to our purpose and commit to living in a way that brings joy and peace to ourselves and to those around us.
Today, through the pursuit of your purpose, how will you manifest joy and peace?

Our lives, and the way we choose to live each day is our message to the world.
Today, what will you decide your message will be?

Mark Sparks
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Photographs and life lesson.

Recently a talented photographer, who I also call Friend, shared an incredible picture of a North Atlantic port as the sun begins to break the horizon, kissing the sails of the boats sailing in and out of the harbor waters. The photo is captivating, and a capture that I thought must've taken a great set of equipment and set up. When I commented on the picture my Friend replied simply with "sometimes the best camera you have is the one that's with you," before telling me that it was taken with a blackberry phone. Imagine my surprise! And then it hit me - sometimes what We have is the best thing We need to have to create something incredible. Sometimes, while we waste time looking for something better, we miss that we've got the very best already with us and that very best is us.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Make Today Count.

Today, you may not be where you want to be but give thanks that you are closer to your goal, today, than when you started your journey. Give thanks for the opportunity that today provides you to get stronger, faster, wiser & closer to what it is you are after.

Yesterday is now a memory, and tomorrow is the place where only our faith can go. Today is all that matters.
Make today joyful.
Make today peace filled.
Make today matter.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

19.56: A quick lesson on faith learned from Usain Bolt.

That is the time it took for the naysayers to become, once again, believers. "Justin Gatlin's trying to close, but Bolt is already smiling." Pow.

Usain St. Leo Bolt is the fastest man in the world, has been the fastest man in the world and continues to dominate the 100m & 200m as the fastest man in the world and yet people still doubt His work ethic, His trackside demeanor and His ability. What makes You think folks won't doubt You?

Like Usain Bolt, answer their doubt with a smile and let your results do the rest of the talking.

You, too, will turn your naysayers into believers. Even if it takes a little longer than 19.56 seconds.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dear Grandma, You are appreciated.

Dear Grandma,
I miss You.
More than any words I could ever write could describe - and I know a few seeing as You 'made' me read both the bible and the dictionary daily as a child. You sacrificed so much and loved so deeply that it burned something onto my soul that I couldn't get rid of even if I tried. It's crazy to me that even in Your death You were able to teach me the value of loving people and the fortune we are gifted each moment we are alive. You supported me as I gave up the security of the workforce and pursued my dream. I told You that I would reach my goals, that You would see my face 20feet high! It happened. After years of working and studying and learning and praying I made it - I landed my first major role in a hollywood production. Then another. And another. And then I landed the movie role. Nothing glamorous but a solid part to learn in, to learn from and to smile about. I wish You could have joined me for the walk on that carpet but You were out stretching Your wings instead.Thank You Lady for believing in me.
I love You. And, Grandma, I miss You.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A quick hello...


I hope this post finds you in good health

and that your pursuit for your greatness is going so well
and that as you read these words that you know
that you are indeed very special.
I hope this note finds you deeply loving you
and abundant in the belief that your dream can come true.
I hope that these words are able to touch your soul
I hope that you are continually breaking the mold.
And as you read this I hope you're as grateful as me
for the eyes you use to read this that allow you to see
for the mind that processes this note that allows you to think
and let me say thank you for reading this link.

Thank you for reading me, for subscribing to this page, for helping to fuel my fire. I pray that I am able to give back to you some of what you, simply by being here, provide to me.

When you get a minute please stop by my instagram accounts:

Thank you. Thanks. Ever thanks.

Mark Sparks

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Congruence is everything. 
Ever meet someone who says all the right things but still You feel like "something is off"? That is Our higher consciousness alerting us to a lack of truth. In the social media age where announcing the right words is so easily done, We crave now more than ever people who are authentic. People who live the words they speak. People who are who they post they are. People who are who they say they are. 
"Fake it 'til You make it," is a way to never, ever 'make it.' At least if 'making it' means being the very best, most truthful expression of who You are.
To me, the highest achievement of success comes from being love, from loving, from being free of the tyrannical nature of lies and from living with congruence.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weak cannot understand Strong.

Stop making attempts to explain what cannot be explained. Fuel Yourself with love and fulfill Your dream. It will take commitment, faith and habitual work that some might call obsession. At times You may want to explain to them that this is simply what is necessary, that Your decisiveness is no accident. Don't. Because some will never understand.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Don't Road block Love (HeartMorphology/The Art Of Relating)

I'm not saying You should believe in "love at first sight." Heck I'm not saying what You should believe in at all. I will ask a question though - what of love at first sight did exist, and all You are doing in not believing in it is stopping that joy from reaching You?

I believe love takes habitual work. I also believe that it makes most of the work seem nothing like work when it is love. Whether I believe in "love at first sight or not" is for me to know. What I will share is that I believe in love's magical power - I've seen it work too powerfully to not believe in it.

Any time our souls meet a soul which ignites us, that is something to be explored. Cautiously but not fearfully. Fear blocks joy. Now, our souls cannot truthfully express themselves without self work which must come from self love. Only after we align ourselves can we feel love's excitement. Whether on first sight or a few sights after that.
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You... *Sigh* (HeartMorphology)

Love is work which seems not like work. When we build upon the spark we find, it unlocks the secrets that the Universe has to offer to Our souls, Our hearts and Our very lives in all We do.
#LearningToLove Ourselves is essential to unlocking Our inate ability to love another. That other. When We awaken that part of Us which yearns to connect to that part of Them & allow those parts of Our soul to relate, well, that is a beautiful thing.


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