Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poem - Seeing My Future©

As I sit and reminisce
On a past that has never been
I begin
To transform
Into someone I've never been
As I await patiently
For me
My future to arrive
Seeing my future
From my past
I'm feeling Marty McFly
And I don't know why
It hasn't worked out in the past
Cause I've met smart and sexy
With a whole lot of ass
But that hasn't been the key
To unlock the door
So I continue to search
Sitting here
Waiting for "it"
Needing something more
I've also been waiting
For myself to be
Who I must become
The amalgamation of the many facets of me
So I poured all of myself
Into one
And Voltron'd my personalities
And views all together
I see my future from my past clearly
So this time it's
No hoops to jump
Cause I got nothing to prove
But I'll jump over tables
Cause I got nothing to loose
Rick Astley type stuff
You know "Never gonna give you up"
Or let You down
Or not be around
And when we occasionally fall down
Which is inevitable that we will
I'll be right where I'm at
Waiting for You
And remembering
A past
That hasn't yet come to pass
From a future that is presently
Speeding towards my rear view glass.



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