Monday, May 29, 2017

Perhaps It Is Them, And Not You...

"Perhaps its not
that they don't see your value
but rather, they don't see their own."
"How can I believe in us, if I don't even believe in myself?"
With his eyes filled with tears, he tried to explain to her all that he was feeling. And though he knew that he'd never be able to make her truly hear him, he spoke anyways. He shared anyways.

What he didn't know was how wrong he was. She heard him. She heard him long before any words came out of his mouth. She heard his pain & his desires as they poured out of him. She heard him because she spoke his language. She heard him because...

-"Learning To Love" by Mark Sparks

You ever notice that we're so quick to put people into one box or another based on the experiences of our past. Sure, this is a logical way to deal with the many people that we casually come across in our daily lives, but it might be a disservice to us and the people we could potentially enjoy long term connections with - whether business, friendship or partnership.

When we assume that someone who is doing something to us in a relationship with us currently has the same meaning as someone who has done the same or similar thing to us in a past relationship, we burden our present self with the pain of that past hurt and we block out the present person in the name of defending our heart against new hurt.
Of course, guarding our hearts from pain is logical as is being aware of people's habitual actions, but it isn't always beneficial to allow those views to captain our ship. When we guard our hearts from anything entering, we may keep the "bad" out but we also lockout the potential good, or great that wants to enter our lives.

When we are able to look at people's actions as a reflection of where they are on their journey instead of how they view us, we begin to free ourselves to truly explore our own hearts and desires and we allow ourselves the safety to be vulnerable enough to seek what we desire in ourselves and in others.

So the next time someone who you care about forgets something or slights you, remember that it may not be that they don't see your value, but perhaps they haven't quite yet fully seen their own.

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