Monday, November 21, 2011

Poem - Her Through you ©

you want me to love you
Without you loving you
Without you giving me
What I need to be loved
You keep pushing me away
To pull me back
To push me away again
Like a fucking coaster
But that’s not how I roll
That’s not how I want this thing to go
I’m all for letting go of control
But I’m not about to loose control
To loose my hold
On reality
On me
So I’ll give you what you want
Just gimme a minute to right my mind
Cause in my head
I’ve already left
Right that’s it
I’ve marched towards the door
But I’m still here
For a reason I can’t quite comprehend
With logic so instead
I’ll just let it go
And stay right here
But don’t ask me to open my eyes
Let me keep them closed
Cause I still picture the You I first met
That’s the You who’s clothes
I’ll tear off
And lay beside
My minds eye
When I lay by your side
While I slide
Me into you
I’ll be making love to Her through you
Physically it’s your body I’ll screw
But it’s her spirit who
Turns me on
Makes me come
Who makes me stay.


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