Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Poem - Stunning.©

Is the one word
I'd use to describe Her
Cause She continues to shock me
And leave me in Awe
From the first moment I saw
Her I knew
Something different was about to take place
Hurrying over to Her
Though I was in no race
It was just the pace
Truth is
I just wanted to kiss Her face
And touch Her hand
And take Her hand
To make Her understand
This isn't like
Anything like
Anything we've either
Ever seen
This was contrary
To what our experiences would have us believe
This was a moment
An about to come true kind of dream
I didn't even know what I would say
To make Her understand
To make Her need to stay
But I knew
Before I knew
And She did too
That the first "hello"
Would lead to "I do"


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