Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poem - Standing At The Alter. ©

I use to be obsessed with being first.
Now, that I cannot be,
I know that I will be Your last
And know I'll never
Worry 'bout Your past
Cause without that
We wouldn't be ready to be here
Filled with love
No fear
Standing in front of God
And all the people that are here
To witness the birth of a new life
You and I
Husband and Wife
For life
I'll never
Do any of that stuff I ain't supposed to do
I'll die before I break my committment to You
We'll have some exploring
In the darkest parts of our souls to do
And true
We'll have some challenges to live through
But with You
I promise, I vow
To stand by You
Like I do right now
And as God as my witness
With all these people sitting here to hear this
Into our life the next chapter I dive in
Cause You're all I see
And what You mean to me
Is more than I can say standing here
So I trade You this ring
For the rest of my years
Before I kiss Your lips I need to hear two words from You:
I do.
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