Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Do for Love": Ridding emotional conflict.©

Confusion, emotional conflict, exists not when our hearts & heads conflict for it's not logic & love that can't coexist but instead our fear & pain that cause this emotional conflict. When we desire a thing our fear of what we need to give up to attain that can be strong - sometimes seemingly stronger than our desire. The vulnerability needed scares us, especially when the desired is unknown. Fear leads us to stay the same, even if it isn't what we desire because we are pacified by the fact that where we are we know & where we desire we do not. Therefore the only way to lead life filled with the joyous & courageous pursuit is to live with love & never for a result. Pain inevitably will find us no doubt but it will never paralyze us if we pursue love & not merely a result. 
"I do not for a result. I do only from Love. I do for Love." 
As we affirm this we allow ourselves the freedom & strength to pursue our passion, our love & our wildest, joyous dreams.
Enjoy Your pursuit, I wish You the greatest of luck.

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