Friday, February 17, 2017

"0% Lucky. 100% Blessed."

Luck is fickle. Luck comes and goes. We have little control over luck and even less control of when it will strike or how long it will last. Luck is fleeting.

Pray more. Smile more.
Do more. Be more.

Being blessed is different. Knowing that we are blessed is different. To be alive, to have the opportunities we have and the abilities we have to build the vision that we dream and achieve the goals we set out to achieve is a blessing.

The difference between the two is that every experience is a blessing - either in the form of a victory, a step forward or a lesson taught in pain or defeat. Being blessed gives us more control over how we respond to the world, our experiences in it and the result from each interaction.

Being blessed also requires a level of gratitude because it eludes to the fact that we are chosen, that we are special and that we have been given a gift outside of our own power to work on and hone.

Luck is the maiden we lay in wait for, hoping that she'll come around one day to give us what we desire.

Being blessed & understanding we are blessed, takes work every day - another element we can control.

So while some will blame luck, good or bad,  for their victories and defeats I know that I am not lucky at all, I'm blessed.

Thank you for reading,
Until next time - stay blessed.

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