Thursday, February 9, 2017

If we see no issue, there can be no change.

In my relationships, it weirds me out when people choose to not acknowledge our truth.

When something isn't right the priority, to me, is to make it right. This becomes even more important when dealing with people I really care about.

I've been on both sides of not seeing the issue - I've been the issue and the one who sees the need for change. I've also been both at the same time.

On one side I needed a huge dose of humility and self knowledge. On the other side, I needed to practice loving patience and understanding.

On both sides I needed to make the decision that doing right was more important than being right, that my feelings were no more important than the other persons and that what I desired wasn't better or worse than what they desired.

I also learned that if our desires, needs and wans are fundamentally different that the "issue" may never change and that change would then have to happen - as most often is the case - within me.

I also have learned that change - in the form of growth - is for me to continue to seek, no matter the issue I perceive.

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