Friday, March 21, 2014

You Are Incredible. (Likes Cannot Prove That). #TheArtOfRelating #LearningToLove


Tools do not create anything, they are just tools. We create things.
When the right tool is used they make a task simpler to complete. When the wrong tool is used the task becomes more difficult. Don't believe me? Well the next time You need to hammer a nail reach for a screw driver. 

#Facebook, #Twitter, #Instagram and the like are tools. 
Social media is a tool that allows Us to quickly and easily share & exchange information. When we utilize these tool for another purpose - say as the place where we build Our self esteem and self worth - they fail. When we post a picture for the purpose of 'getting likes' (which is the new version of getting approval) we miss the purpose of the social media tool and we do Ourselves a great disservice. 
We cannot control who or how many people 'like' Our pictures and if that is the way We are getting boosts in self esteem and self confidence then that is the moment we relinquish control of growing in those areas as well.
Do not live by the praise of people, 
or You will die by the blade of their criticism.
Who You are is wonderful. You DO NOT need approval or praise from anyone to know that. What You may need is encouragement to explore all the parts of You that make You wonderful and beautiful. What You may need is someone to help You find other tools to serve You on Your pursuit of Your greatest, most exceptional You. What You may need is support in remembering the fact that You are already amazing and that all You need to do is strip away some of the crap that You have been taught that You need in order to 'fit in' and be amazing. What You may need is to rediscover Your purpose & reignite Your fire to make it happen. What You DO NOT need is approval. Or picture likes. Or for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Fashion Magazines or the like to tell You that You aren't able to be 'good enough' without their approval because You are more than good enough, You are great.
You are incredible. All You may need is to rediscover that daily.

Here' 2 quick exercises to help You with finding tools that serve You:
1. We all need work in one aspect of Our lives. What is one area in which You are not shining as brightly as You can? How do You see Yourself with Your ability and experience and uniqueness able to actually shine in that area? What steps must You take in order to get from where You are to where You desire to be? Write them down! Step 1... Step 2... Step 3...
Done? Good. Now Break down each step into a nice chewable bite. Done that? Good. Now go and start the first bite. Today. Seriously.

2. Write down all the things that make You special. The silly things that make You unique that You do as well or better than anyone You actually know. What is Your most beautiful feature to You? What is Your second most beautiful feature to You?
Write them down and add to the list at least once a month. Why? Because You are incredible. 

Excuse me, I've got some more uncovering to do.
Happy discovering.

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