Sunday, March 2, 2014

Poem - Chase Your Heart (I Will Not)

We're so close
Yet the distance 'tween us is still amazing
And I am all for the pursuit
But I'm far from signing up for chasing
Cause I understand if it'll happen
It's got to be willingly
So convincing of any kind
To get to "I do"
Simply won't do for me
Let's promise to be honest
Or as the kids say "keep it real"
And I promise I'll do many things
To show - never to prove - how I feel
So let's close the gap together
One joy filled step at a time
And we don't got to jump to quick to
"I'm Yours" & "You're mine"
Cause I've got no problem being patient
Plus I'd be a fool not to wait
So I'll happily pursue Your heart
But Your heart I will not chase.

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