Monday, January 6, 2014

Vision is like sight - where We focus is what We see.

Vision is like sight - where You focus is what You'll see.

Everyday our eyes take in millions of pieces of information - a ridiculous number of colours and their various shades as well as objects of all sorts of sizes and shapes. Through an incredible process we filter out all the things that don't currently matter to us and see what we need to see. Think about it - when driving how many things do we pass that we don't take in or even notice. Or on a route that we regularly walk think about all the small details (or sometimes huge details) that we disregard. I guess it's how we've evolved in order to survive - notice what we must and forget the rest.

In our daily lives our minds are also flooded with thousands of messages - ads from marketers, messages on social networks, texts, emails, phone calls, people and the constant stream of thoughts from within our own heads. 
It is a wonder that we are able to accomplish anything in our daily lives!

Just like our eyes, our minds (and spirits) learn to filter out the stuff that doesn't matter based on a filtering system that we are in control of, that is to say we choose what we 'need' to see. The problem comes when we stop consciously monitoring that filtering system that's when the things that shouldn't matter start to take the place of the things that should matter and we end up caring more about (and being stressed more about) things that don't really matter.

When I got into downhill biking I was taught to look where I wanted to go. This was a useful tip when navigating myself between trees and cliff edges that were inches to my left and right. I learned the same thing when learning to drive a car and again when learning to ride a motorcycle. Intuitively what we do when we see danger in our path is to look at it, stare at it and this paralyzes our ability to steer away from it. In fact it magnetizes us right to it. My first crash was a result of a very big tree being in a place where I didn't expect a very big tree. As I leaned a corner roaring down a mountain at speeds which made the "no fear" sticker on my helmet a lie, a tree 'popped out of nowhere'. Once I saw it I couldn't take my eyes of it (well I wouldn't, I could have easily looked to the right of the tree and made the needed manoeuvre to continue on my desired path). As I stared at the tree I remember very little except feeling like it was drawing me into it. After impact and once I was airborne I remember thinking that it was taking a mighty long time to hit the ground. That thought ended as I smashed into and rolled along the mountain floor. Several rolls later I stopped as my body slammed into some rocks and my bike hurled itself down the hill towards me. Bad crash, long recovery and lesson learned. Pain brought growth. Sweet.

Focus is our Creator given ability to filter what it is we see. Focus allows us to shape our experiences and to get what we desire in life. Vision allows us to plan, to see that which doesn't yet exist. Vision is where our faith gains strength. And that strength grows with focus.

Vision is like sight - where we focus is what we see.

I pray that You, continually monitor Your focus, Your filters and find Your way towards Your vision.
I pray that I continually do the same.

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