Friday, July 15, 2011

Poem - War: Me. Vs. Me

I'm in a battle
This is war
And I've got to succeed
But how do I win
When it's me vs me?
I need faith to proceed
But I've used so much to get here
And I admit I have no clue
Where I'm supposed to go from here
I swear
Sometimes I wish it wasn't so hard
Sometimes I wish I didn't care
Sometimes I wish I didn't know
That my destiny is waiting right there
Sometimes I wish I could forget
Some of the things I've seen
I mean
I know they make me who I am
And allow me to be me
And yes I shine
Of that I'm aware
And I know my path I made
Is marked for me or I wouldn't be here
But sometimes the light is dim
And the path just doesn't seem to exist
Sometimes I'm only walking
With a hope & a wish
The force is powerful
But it has two sides
Sometimes, I admit
I feel like I'm ready to dive
To the blackness
Which can exist in my soul
I get cold
When I venture into that hole
Holy crap
What's happening to me?
Sometimes I'm blind
Which means
Sometimes I can't see
And the blessings that are in front of my eyes
Don't even exist to me
Sometimes I feel invincible
Like I can only win
Sometimes I feel invisible
And my will to go is thin
Sometimes that fuels my hunger
Sometimes that fuels my drive to my fate
Other times it fuels my fear
And on occasion it's fueled my hate
Sometimes I'm blind
Which means sometimes I rely only on belief
It's Deep what we have to go through
Sometimes in order to see
A sailor is only tested
Not when the sea is calm
But when he rides through the eye of the storm
And is able to hold on
As iron sharpens iron
And great pressure creates diamonds from coal
Perseverance is my only option
Success is my only goal
I'm in a battle
This is war
And it is me vs me
But with those odds I can only win
Thank God that's the only option I see.

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