Saturday, July 9, 2011

Poem - Awoken By The Alarm ©

I wake up to the blaring sound
A constant ringing
Is something is going down?
There's an alarm going off
And it's loud inside my head
Is it a five alarm blaze
Or just some kid
Playing games with the little red box
That right now I'm sure is pretty easy to see
I wonder if I should investigate
Or just go back to sleep
I remember the last time
I woke up like this
In a cold sweat
But I didn't do shit
I was awoken by the same
But instead decided to fall back asleep
Only to find out later
That flame wasn't a dream
The unthinkable
Or what I thought couldn't happen to me
Became reality once
So how do I know that this time
It really is all a dream?
Do I trust my emotions
When my heart can lie to me
Or do I ignore the smoke
And just go back to sleep?
The alarm is still ringing
But I don't feel like going outside
If there is fire where I smell smoke
Then I'll find out at some point alright
For now I'd much rather
Believe it was just a dream
And the alarm that I'm hearing
Is only in my sleep
That there is no fire
And I'm imagining the smoke
That the foundation is strong
And this alarm thing is just an over active imagination joke
So I shut down my computer
And off to bed I go
A quick prayer for strength
Humility and to continue to grow
I don't know what kind of news
The morning will have in store
But I won't waste another ounce of energy
Thinking about it anymore...


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