Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Evolution Of My Stupidity©

It's strange to me
Has taken over my thoughts
At first I believed 
Anything was possible
And as I got 'smarter' & 'grew up' 
I did not.
"That's impossible" 
Someone would say
"Nope" just gonna take some time
My thought was
"Work hard & always believe"
And my God given light
I would always let shine.
My greatest fear was to be
Less than I possibly could be
So when did I 'grow up'
And accept mediocre me?
Stupid beliefs that are dulling my light
I release from my soul
To my dharma I march on
With joy
To that "impossible" goal

evolution - pattern formed by or as if by a series of movements
stupidity - the state, quality, or fact of being stupid
stupid - characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless
When I was a little kid I was pretty stubborn. I mean I still am but back then it was in a much different way. I remember once wanting something that was on a counter. I remember it being way out of my reach but me wanting it more than anything else in the kitchen so I set out to get it. Over and over my different attempts to secure said item failed. Or so it seemed to the one watching me:
"Mark, what do you want?"
"That Gramma"
"But it's very high - would you like me to get it?"
I'll get it.
"But it's very difficult for you."
"I know but I have to get it."
There's many examples as the one I've just mentioned where as a child difficulties between where I wanted to be & what I wanted and where I was were just temporary roadblocks as opposed to stop signs.
It seemed the older I got - the more 'grown up' I became, the more I began to believe the same roadblocks to be the end of the road instead of minor and temporary bumps on my journey to where I was going. It seemed that I, through a series of movements created a pattern of senseless beliefs and foolish limitations.
It seems I created the evolution of my stupidity.
I was a pretty smart kid.
Time to get those smarts of mine back.

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