Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poem - I Use To...

I use to say "I can't"
And I could tell you why
But it doesn't really matter
All that does is I didn't even try.
I use to run from this feeling
Even though I knew it was right
Until I surrendered to the fact I deserve happiness
And stopped the upstream fight.
I use to think that love
Came with a price too heavy to pay
But now I know there's nothing I won't do
For love, verily.
I use to let my physical
Rule what needs had to be fulfilled
Thank God I've turned my spirit into my Captain
And developed true free will
I use to despise discipline
For I viewed it as a prison cell
But now I see it for true freedom
For what I say I'll do I know I will.
I use to think that vulnerability
Was weakness in the flesh
But now I know that this is one quality
That allows me to be my best.
I use to think that going Diep
Was something I should fear
Cause I thought there would be nothing worse
Than losing someone I hold dear.
I use to make the easy choice
But not the one I knew in my soul was right
I once was lost but again I've been found
Thanks, in part, to Her light.
Now I know I can
And I'll do more than just try
For with hunger, humility, faith & Love
"Whatever it takes" I'll fly.

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