Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Remember, a Knight in shining armor has never been to battle. ©

Love is a war. At least I think it is. So much so I've written about it on more than one occasion (click here to read the poem, thanks), yet I always hear people looking for untested fighters. And by untested I mean warriors not seasoned by battle. Anyone who has been in a relationship realizes that they - like most everything worth having - have to be fought for..

"I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor," is a popular phrase I hear women say, but a knight in shining armor is a warrior without merit where it matters most - in the battlefield.
When a knight was knighted he was sent into battle to nobly defend. He was expected to give everything he had - including his life. And not only in death but give his life in service of something greater than only himself. Even though a knight was seen as a superhero of sorts as he left to battle he would endure great pains in order to win. His shield would get dented and scuffed, his armor worn and tarnished, his very body would betray signs of his humanity in the fresh cuts to go with the scars he wore not to mention the unseen scars on his spirit. Even with all these he went on passionately, dutifully, courageously. He continued to serve. He would continue to fight until death parted him from his oath, from his duty.

In love we as men learn on the fly - even more so than women because, well there are very few forums for us to openly & honestly discuss the "how to's" of relating. Women have groups, talk shows, magazines & each other while we are most often left to learn in the battlefield how to navigate this war we call love. We make mistakes, we get hurt, our armor looses its luster but somehow - and I'd attribute it to the grace of God - some of us make it back alive. Not just with breath in our lungs but alive, with a renewed sense of purpose and love. The ones of us who survive, coming back with our spirit intact and our souls yet again ready to serve, those are the lads who a Queen should seek to enlist the service of. Those are the gentleman who's armor no longer shines in a way recognizable to the eyes.

Ladies, You can keep looking for the knight in shining armor but remember, a Knight in shining armor has never been to battle.
Is that who You want fighting for You? With You?

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