Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest We Forget (So just shut up & remember). ©

I grow tired each year when Remembrance Day (Veterans Day) rolls around and brings with it all those folks who are ready to be up in arms about the idea of war. I also find it interesting that on this day most of the people who choose to share their anti war stance as the reason they do not 'celebrate' Remembrance Day can do so because of the freedom allotted them from those same wars that they don't believe in. Let's be clear, we do not celebrate war anymore than we celebrate a young man or woman dying in their prime. What we do respectfully acknowledge is the fact that people OTHER THAN OURSELVES put themselves in death's way to uphold an idea of freedom - not just for themselves but for those who came after them (ie us). Have we accomplished that idea yet? No, but we are much closer because of those who did what they had to do so we could do what we want to do. Sure we have a distance yet to travel but we build on the shoulders of the giants who've come before us, who fought before us. That is what we 'celebrate' so take a moment today to be grateful that You don't have to choose death or freedom. Take a moment today and remember.
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