Thursday, August 25, 2016

I'm Angry. And I'm Okay With That.

You ever been angry?
Angry, yet void of an exact reason why?
Doesn't that just seem to make you angrier?
I don't mean violent - as in feeling like hurting self or anyone else - but just angry. Angry that things are the way they are. Angry that people hold the views they do. Angry at events unfolding as events sometimes tend to unfold. Angry at people lying to you, about people letting you down?

I'm angry. It could be the history books I've been reading. It could be the anniversary of my Grandma's death. It could be the projects I'm currently working on, the current events I've recently read, the character I'm currently playing, the people I've recently interacted with, the piece I recently finished writing or none of those things at all.

Every day we are bombarded with messages to "be happy" and "think positive" and such and so forth. We are given these messages so much that we begin to believe that being angry isn't right - or worse, that somehow this primal human emotion is wrong and therefore we are wrong.

Anger is part of the process of life. Acting on anger and in anger are two different subjects entirely but being angry sometimes is as natural as... well, living. That isn't a green light to float into the downward spiral of anger because that would mean forgoing the other natural part of life; joy.

I'm angry. And I'm learning that sometimes what's more important than aiming to always figure out why is to aim to simply be okay with that.

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