Monday, November 17, 2014

Faith is a verb... That is the secret of Faith.

"True desire in the heart for anything good is God's proof to You, sent before hand, to indicate that it is Yours already. That desire You have is the proof that it is already Yours. But faith without work is nothing. I've learned to say thank You in advance.  Anything You want, good, You can have - it's for the taking but You have to claim it, You have to say thank You for it. I've learned to say thank You in advance."
Many of us miss that faith is a verb - it is an action word. Faith is seen not in what You say but what You do. Our actions show what we truly believe.
One of the most frustrating things in talking to people, particularly folks who believe in a Higher Power by whatever name, is the idea that their destiny is chosen so they, we, no longer have to work for it - that it will simply appear as long as we "believe". That is foolish. Almost as much so as utilizing positive thinking to fix a problem (ie my tire is flat but if I think it isn't flat hard enough it won't be... get what I'm saying?!)
When we believe, when we have faith in an outcome we work as if there is no other option but that outcome. We become, what some folks would call, obsessed in doing what is needed to gain that outcome. Our faith becomes visible in our habitual actions. When we say thank You to the Universe for the results before hand, we are not doing it from a place of wishing but from a place of gratitude for the energy and ability to work it into existence. We give thanks for the ability to literally create our destiny. Whatever Your truest desire know that You are indeed capable of achieving it. Know that it may take Your whole freakin' life but if it is what You most want isn't that investment worth it?! Whatever You desire, wherever You say You put Your faith, let it  habitually show in what You do & in who You are. That is the secret to claiming the truest desires of Your heart, that is the secret of faith found in success.
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