Monday, May 19, 2014

Love: Acceptance Required. (#LearningToLove)

One of the most difficult tasks that love asks of us is to allow ourselves to accept & receive it, to actually believe that we deserve to be loved & that we deserve to be in love. We tell ourselves all the reasons why a relationship won’t work instead of working on all the ways we can to make it work because somewhere inside of ourselves we don't believe we deserve to be that happy
“It’s too good to be true,” is one of those phrases that we routinely hear and it always baffles me. I mean, I get being aware but the adage that “if something is too good to be true it probably is,” has turned us into a society that mistrusts each other and lost faith in the fact that love really does exist. Don’t believe me? When You see Kim Kardashian and Kanye West do You think they are in love or executing a publicity stunt? If it’s the former, that’s amazing. I fear, however; that most of us think it’s something other than love and that’s sad. It’s sad that we have become so cynical when it comes to love outwardly because it wreaks havoc on our ability to believe in love inwardly which hinders our ability to believe in love for ourselves.
What if we were able to believe in love, believe in being loved like we believed we were destined to get hurt?! What if? What would be possible then? What heights of joy would we be able to find when we decided to stop protecting our hearts and instead used that same energy to defend our right to be loved by opening our hearts to receiving love?
One of the most difficult tasks that love asks of us is to let go of our knowledge of failure born from our past experiences, suspend our cynical belief, and to give up our impenetrable hearts. Love demands vulnerability, respect, honest communication and trust but most of all love, in order to flourish, demands that we receive it openly


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