Monday, February 17, 2014

"The Only Place I Chase Pain Is..." (#LearningToLove)

This wasn't always the case. Luckily, thankfully,
I'm finally #LearningToLove

Relationships are places we go to amplify whatever we are feeling. When we seek them in search of something that we don't yet have or with something that we don't quite desire we end up causing ourselves - I ended up causing myself and others - pain. And when we don't learn to acknowledge this pain we end up seeking it instead of seeking the amazing & transformational power relationships are meant to have, and that is to amplify the wonderful array of feelings & emotions we are meant to enjoy. Without a doubt challenges will arise and are a part of every relationship but they shouldn't habitually bring pain nor should we - should I - expect it in our relationships. At least that's my conclusion. And why now the only place I chase pain is in the gym, or during hill runs or track sprints (gosh darn those things hurt!) and not in my relationships.

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