Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Fear isn't real. Danger is real..." I Will disagree (sorry Mr. Smith)

For his latest movie "After Earth" Will Smith's voice is heard in the trailer echoing over some ferocious scenes "fear is not real. danger is very real, but fear is a choice."

I fear, Mr. Smith, I disagree. I believe fear is real. Because our emotions are real. And fear, I believe, isn't always a choice. What is for us to choose is how we react to fear. Or better put, how we act when we are face to face with fear. Fear isn't a choice. Our reaction to it is.
Pursuing a dream is scary. Being vulnerable is scary. Setting big & specific goals for ourselves is scary. Commitment to a thing is scary, to a person even more so. But in order to experience the greatest joy, fulfillment and Love we've got to - time and time again -meet, greet and intimately acquaint ourselves with our fear. And as we defeat it daily greatness is our reward. Fear is real. So is the fact that we have a choice in how we handle it. Believe it.

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