Monday, October 15, 2012

Untitiled (A response). ©

The "courage" found in anonymity reveals either the cowardice of the messenger or their lack of belief in their message. If we've something to say worth saying - something in which we truly believe, why wouldn't we sign ourselves to our words?... In any case, if my words or my way of life offends you, I apologize:

I apologize
If I say things you don't like
I'm just sharing my opinion
I'm not looking for a fight
But my eyes are open wide
And my fists I'll hold up high
If you attack those I love
You'll see my dark side
Peaceful man
But I walk with a purpose
Are you upset
Cause I know what my worth is?
Cause I know we ain't worth less
Cause I won't accept any less
Than all that I desire?
Or is it the call to something higher?
Or maybe you just like to play with fire?
No matter
On earth
Or above
Will ever stop me
From pursuing what I love.

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