Friday, May 25, 2012

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One of the fastest ways we discourage ourselves is to believe that we ought to be experts before we fully enjoy & embrace the experience. We cannot take flight until we first master walking so each step is one closer to what we desire not a punishment for not yet arriving at our destination. We can travel through and to, but we must do so one step at a time. 
In being blessed to work with people, navigating them to what they deserved and desired I have seen this phenomenon time and time again - they start at one place and expect to get to their goal in far less time than it took for them to get to where they are. What do I mean? Well, take being overweight for instance. This doesn't happen because of the one donut eaten yesterday or the  bag of chips from the day before. One doesn't put on excessive weight because they skipped one workout a week ago or a month ago. Excessive weight gain happens over a long period of time and is facilitated by a number of bad habits that one takes on. These habits don't come upon us overnight so whey should we believe that the new habits we are instituting into our lives would happen instantly. Yes, change happens in an instance for change is but a decision but that is the first step! Each day we must reinforce that decision with many other decisions - some of which are exact opposite of the habits we have built over time. It is through this conscious thought process that we are able to trade the habits that don't serve us in our pursuit of what we deserve & desire into one's that do serve us! It is through this consistent commitment to ourselves and our passion, through preparation and planning and perseverance in our execution do we create what we desire and deserve. And this all takes time so give yourself the time to change, to grow and to fully enjoy and embrace the journey for it is on the walk that we truly gain our wings.
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