Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poem - A Morning Letter To God.©

G'morning Heavenly Father
I thank You for You
For it is through You
That I can do many things
Every thing
Any thing.
Through Your breath
I am able to Be
Through Your word
I am able to see
And through Your Love
I am able to believe
It is because of Your faith
That I can have faith in myself
It's only Your grace
That allows me to forgive myself
And any body else
Sometimes I don't even know
In what I believe
Not my dreams
Not my means
Not even my own self steam
But even when I am not
Filled with faith in myself
You still are faithful
And knowing that helps
Me to believe
In all I can do
Not through my own power
But through You
With humility & gratitude
I'll take on this day
Giving thanks for the blessings
And through the challenges giving praise
For it is through the rough spots
You ready my soul
It is through the tough spots
That you really make me whole.
Again I give thanks
For all that you've already done
I look forward with faith
Your Son.

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Thank You.

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