Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Thank You" Father

Your absence taught me more than you ever could know. I wish you peace, love and joy.

I was called a bastard cause I had no father
But I’m far from being the bastard that my father “fathered”
Learned lessons by living,
Not taught by his hand.
So it took me a little longer,
Real manhood to understand.
I don’t have to be tough,
Just strong for my people.
Don’t have to rule my lady,
She’s got to be my equal.
I can cry from time to time,
To wash away the pain.
And never make a promise
If that promise is in vein.
Live life to the fullest,
Enjoy everyday.
Find that special lady,
Cherish her always.
Give thanks to the heavens,
For that breath you get to take,
Cause every time you do
Know it wasn’t a mistake.
A creature designed
To do a great many things,
And care for that great woman
Who’ll make my heart sing.
Many sing ‘Joy to the world’,
But live with none in their hearts,
But that is where
All love and joy must start.
Children are a treasure,
So treasure them always.
Love cannot be measured,
I hope you find it true I pray.
Faith has opened my eyes,
Was blind now I see
Amazing when things Matter,
What happens to me.
Faith, Hope and Love
The greatest of them all
Will have you climb mountains,
And conquer all.
Give to those with less
cause the saying is true,
do unto others
as you'd have others do to you.
Fight for what you should,
but be wise in the decision
for a fight with no cause
comes from clouded vision.
Don't ever let other's
tell you who you are.
Okay, Grandma you're right
I am a shining star.
Let your light shine,
No matter how dark the night.
I know I am meant to lead,
Meant to shine my light.
I was called a bastard cause I had no father,
but I’m far from being the bastard that my father “fathered”.

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