Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Poem - Ni**as In Paris (I Am Not) ©

We scream for Trayvon
Yet "Nigga's in Paris" plays on
It's a habitual thought process
We need to eradicate
In order to facilitate
The growth of our people
From subordinates
And into equals
Born with equal rights
To live, prosper and fight
For that in which we believe
Born to lead
Born to be
Greater than we are
Born to shine like stars
But instead of shining our own light
We're told to buy "bling" and shine that light
Which, we're told, makes us shine bright
But it's a dim solution
With an even dimmer future
If we keep spending our means
On things with no meaning
Cause that habitual thought process
Is the one that keeps us needing
More than we have
Fiscally, spiritually and in rights
And if we continue to fight
Each other
Kill our brothers
How are we supposed to trust one another?
I've never heard a person of Jewish decent
Speak of the holocaust as if it were anything less
Than a cataclysmic tragedy
And yet black people we
Continue to wear "nigger" like a badge of pride
By this system
To listen
To songs that spit them
Lyrics that we take into
Our everyday language
Which we take into
Our everyday thoughts
Which we live
In our everyday actions
Which become our
Everyday actions
A word used to bond slaves
To take away a man's worth
To give an individual a nasty group name
A word created out of pure hate
Made to disgrace
And separate a man or woman from who they truly are.
A word to make the eyes not see
The lush & rich history
That a people have come from
And where we ought to strive to be.
Wear your pants so I can see your underwear
Cause that "casual style" tells me you don't really care
And that "casual style" teaches you not to care
About your self worth cause I know
Any man worth anything to himself
Doesn't go about showing his ass while building up himself
And as a side note in jail
If you want to show off your availbility
You'd wear your pants so that other willing participants could see
Your ass
Think about that.
We are not nigga's by any stretch
Not in Paris or anywhere else
We've got to lift up ourselves
Embrace with self love
Give our own self worth a hug
Forget all the bull
And the material right now wealth
Work to take care of your family, community and self
Live by God's law
Execute your plan
Stand up black people
Cause we are descendants of Kings, Queens and survivors
I write from my heart with love but
I just need you to understand
I am no nigger
I am a proud black man.

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