Monday, May 29, 2017

Perhaps It Is Them, And Not You...

"Perhaps its not
that they don't see your value
but rather, they don't see their own."
"How can I believe in us, if I don't even believe in myself?"
With his eyes filled with tears, he tried to explain to her all that he was feeling. And though he knew that he'd never be able to make her truly hear him, he spoke anyways. He shared anyways.

What he didn't know was how wrong he was. She heard him. She heard him long before any words came out of his mouth. She heard his pain & his desires as they poured out of him. She heard him because she spoke his language. She heard him because...

-"Learning To Love" by Mark Sparks

You ever notice that we're so quick to put people into one box or another based on the experiences of our past. Sure, this is a logical way to deal with the many people that we casually come across in our daily lives, but it might be a disservice to us and the people we could potentially enjoy long term connections with - whether business, friendship or partnership.

When we assume that someone who is doing something to us in a relationship with us currently has the same meaning as someone who has done the same or similar thing to us in a past relationship, we burden our present self with the pain of that past hurt and we block out the present person in the name of defending our heart against new hurt.
Of course, guarding our hearts from pain is logical as is being aware of people's habitual actions, but it isn't always beneficial to allow those views to captain our ship. When we guard our hearts from anything entering, we may keep the "bad" out but we also lockout the potential good, or great that wants to enter our lives.

When we are able to look at people's actions as a reflection of where they are on their journey instead of how they view us, we begin to free ourselves to truly explore our own hearts and desires and we allow ourselves the safety to be vulnerable enough to seek what we desire in ourselves and in others.

So the next time someone who you care about forgets something or slights you, remember that it may not be that they don't see your value, but perhaps they haven't quite yet fully seen their own.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Living In The Moment: The Art of searching less & finding more "special" moments.

Often on our journey we miss the beauty of the journey because we simply fail to see it. It becomes easier to stop paying attention as we start our day on our daily walk and interaction with the world but easier doesn't always mean better.

Our lack of awareness leads to many things, including missing all the wonderful moments we are searching for on our pursuit of happiness.

Many ancient practices for centering warriors and peaceful walkers alike focus on focusing in on the moment. Some call it "the zone", others "being locked in". No matter the name You give it know that its ability to multiply Your ability to produce results, peace and happiness are incredible and readily available to You. If, You choose, to create the habit of enjoying each moment. Seek less, find more.

Here's an exercise I've been utilizing over the past few months to help myself build up my habit of being in, and enjoying, a moment.

1. Sit somewhere.
 - I find a comfortable place to sit where I will be uninterrupted by internal or external forces that
need my attention.

2. Close my eyes.
  - Once I've found my spot I close my eyes to tune out the visual distractions around me.

3. Focus on listening.
  - Take in each sound You hear. How many are there? What are they from? Is there one that is particularly enjoyable to You? If so focus on it. Then switch your focus on the joy you feel. I let that good feeling grow about me.

4. Enjoy! 
  - Now, I focus on the joy I feel in that moment.

5. Attitude of Gratitude.
  - Once the moment has passed I give thanks for that moment. Sometimes this brings about another joy filled moment right away or sometimes I've got to sit a while and simply enjoy the moments in between.

6. Open my eyes.

Hope it helps you to remember how special the moments we are blessed with are.
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Grandma's Relationship Guide M.A.P (Managing Arguments Productively)

"Because sometimes the hardest thing to do is the best thing to do..."

My Grandma taught me many powerful lessons. Funny enough, many of those surrounded building loving relationships with people and, ultimately, with my partner. One of the ones I am learning more and more about over the last few months is Managing Arguments Productively.

When You are wrong, say sorry and mean it.

When You are right, say nothing and mean it. 

We all have moments in our relationships where what we are saying is right and where what we are saying is wrong. If my track record is any indication, I am wrong or in the wrong far more often than I am in the right and I'm sure that an amazing someone would quickly agree. 

Regardless of whether we are right or wrong, our stance should never become more important than being loving to one another and being focused on one another's needs, desires and nurturing our relationship.

And when those rare moments that we are right happen, being right should never trump being loving, or seeking to joyfully and peacefully grow together. 

Sure what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong but I've learned, and am still learning, that if I am the latter, owning up to my mistake & apologizing sincerely is the best way to continue to grow and move forward together.

I've also learned, and am still learning, that when I am right, as rare as that may be, to simply let go of the need to win because winning a battle against my teammate, my partner, only results in a weaker team with wounded members.

Hope that Grandma's wisdom can help you as it has and continues to help me. Pray that your greatest battles are never against the one you love.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Poem - Cheers. (Ode To Women).

Thank you to You.

Hope you enjoy the attached poem.
And thank you for reading.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Hidden Truth" (A Poem).

A truth hidden that come to light, though painful, is the beginning of healing our hearts and our relationships... Or something like that. Hope you enjoy the attached poem.
And, as always, thank you for reading.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Be Yourself. It's Your Best Route.

How do I say this... ah yes,

Got your attention? Good.
Your vision is yours and realizing it is up to you.

Why would other people be better at finding a place that only you can go? Or creating a thing that only you have seen?

Your vision is your own. And to realize it you must trust yourself and you must commit to your process.

Worry less about how you'll get there and spend more energy about moving towards your vision daily, as you execute your plan while being authentic to who you are. That's your advantage.

Love yourself but push yourself. Be patient with yourself while calling yourself to live your highest standard. Believe in yourself and trust your process. Find your way by walking your path... Lovingly do you.

Thank you for reading,
Until next time - stay blessed.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

"0% Lucky. 100% Blessed."

Luck is fickle. Luck comes and goes. We have little control over luck and even less control of when it will strike or how long it will last. Luck is fleeting.

Pray more. Smile more.
Do more. Be more.

Being blessed is different. Knowing that we are blessed is different. To be alive, to have the opportunities we have and the abilities we have to build the vision that we dream and achieve the goals we set out to achieve is a blessing.

The difference between the two is that every experience is a blessing - either in the form of a victory, a step forward or a lesson taught in pain or defeat. Being blessed gives us more control over how we respond to the world, our experiences in it and the result from each interaction.

Being blessed also requires a level of gratitude because it eludes to the fact that we are chosen, that we are special and that we have been given a gift outside of our own power to work on and hone.

Luck is the maiden we lay in wait for, hoping that she'll come around one day to give us what we desire.

Being blessed & understanding we are blessed, takes work every day - another element we can control.

So while some will blame luck, good or bad,  for their victories and defeats I know that I am not lucky at all, I'm blessed.

Thank you for reading,
Until next time - stay blessed.

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