Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Desire: hope vs. Obsession ©

"There is but one thing in this world that I am determined to have, and that is_________________."

If we cannot answer this, to ourselves in truth & with conviction what we want is simply a wish, a hope & not a desire.

Desire to attain an end can never be a hope, or a wish but must transcend into something which closely resembles, no, is obsession! This sounds extreme when talking about going after one's goal but isn't it the way we create habits by which we live by? Isn't it how we continue to cycle of action & thought in our lives that doesn't serve us towards what we desire for ourselves?

"Obsession - the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, desire, etc."
When all you can think about during the work day is getting home to sit on the couch & watch "that" show, eat "that junk food" and veg isn't that obsession?

When you are, in hopes of loosing weight, always fretting food, thinking about how clothes don't fit you, wishing that you looked different isn't that obsession?

The only difference is that in both cases the obsession don't serve towards. The second, in particular (which I've come upon countless times in my 10years+ working with clients) is actually an obsession with being 'fat' - which is the exact opposite of what is desired!

If I want my relationship with my partner to work - I must know exactly that & what that entails!
If I want my workout & diet plan to work, I must know exactly where I want my body and spirit to go & a bunch of ways to get there!
If I want to be a success in my work, I must have a measuring stick for what "success" is & continually check myself against it to ensure I'm traveling the path I need to in order to attain my definition of success!

Desire must be specific. It must move you to action which serve the purpose of the desire. But first any desired success must become the dominating thought & thus the dominating magnetization of people, places & circumstances which allow your efforts to be multiplied & your actions rewarded with the desire with which you seek.

Thoughts are things. Manage them. Protect them. Make sure they're in line with your desires & revisit them often making adjustments accordingly.
If we do, the rewards for these consistent efforts is greatness! The rewards are the attainment of the things we have dreamed for our lives!
That's something worth obsessing about, in habitual thought & action.
Blessing & joy to you on your journey.
With gratitude,

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